Friday, November 26, 2010

Grandpas house

since i was little my Grandpa Gibsons back yard has been the same.. it always had the garden.. the weird rectangular shaped trampoline and the old tree house.. well now that he has passed.. things have changed.. my grandma got a new door.. has tooken down nearly every tree.. and even the furniture has changed.. and yes i know we need to not dwell in the past.. but its hard when thats all ive ever known..

with all this going on.. it has made me think about all my memories with my grandpa..
when i was little he use to take us in the backyard and we use to pretend that the ground was lava but only grandpa could touch it.. and he would carry us from the trampoline to the tree house over and over again.. never saying he was tired or needing a break..

i also remember going to his house and watching Bye Bye Birdy and Cats. i dont know how grandpa could stand sitting there watching them over and over again in till dinner was ready.

another memory i remember is my grandpa built the whole balcony back then the steps use to be green.,. but any who when he was all done building he took my sisters and i up there and said. "girls you can do anything you put your mind to"

To be honest it is extremely hard for me to see everything change now that hes gone.. sometimes i wish it was all just a bad dream and that he would walk down the stairs wearing his red apron and white pressed shirt on a Sunday evening ready to read "i spy a Nephite" for the millionth time.

Monday, October 4, 2010

its been awhile..

wow.. its definetly been awhile sense ive post something..

I'm no longer a sophomore.. and my hair is definitely a different color

i guess i stopped posting because a lot of things in my life were going wrong.. lots of family deaths.. my grades weren't good and i had to find new friends.. because the ones i had before weren't exactly the right crowd i needed to be hanging out with..
being a junior now.. i will definitely try harder to write in my blog..
but sense i'm already talking about my junior year..
id like to add that i'm hanging out in a better crowd..and at the moment i have straight As.. that has never happened to me.. this year ill be driving in my first hill climb.. getting my license and figuring out what i want to do in my life.. maybe even move states..

well see..

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lizas home for the holidays!

so i stayed at grandmas house over the weekend because catie went to frezno for band and i stayed home. so grandma and i went shopping for christmas and also had maltz and favorite treat when i come to grandmas house :) on sunday during the evening mom and dad were going to come up to grandmas with eliza.. they walked in the door and i tackled liza to the ground.. ive had a lot of friend drama this last couple weeks and usually during this time id go to liza for advise and shed help me deal with it and help me get threw it but she hasnt been home to do so..shes finally home and we can finally talk..for the next week we can hang out and do stuff like we use to.. when thanks giving ends im going to be sad but it will only be 3 weeks till i see her again :).. love ya liza :)

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

summer '09

summer has been interesting..
in the begining i started mini band was fun till catie fainted..
then we got a break for a little the time period i hung out with my bestfriends ashley and lauren.
then mini band camp started up again..
that just ended and im about to finish up my last few days of summer befor basicly summer is over for me because band takes up the rest..which in my opinion sucks but what ever..
in these last days..i moved houses..thank goodness though i dint move wards for church..i went to the orange county fair with family..i injoyed walking around and looking at all the cool stuff..
i also went to the beach a couple was fun :)
the only bad part of summer was today on auguest 5th 2009..grandpa pasted after a tough couple months of horrible radiation and other fancy sad :(

Monday, June 1, 2009


this is the first week that i havent had seminary and so sucks

i got up almost to late and now im very tired..i wish it didnt end :[

well only 2 more weeks of school till summer..then only a couple weeks till marching band starts up determined to get throw this next year even stronger now that i know what im getting myself in too..pluss this year my little sister will be there :]

the first week of marching band ill be at girls camp..hopefully this wont effect anything...

i hope summers not tooken up to much by band so i have a few days to hang out with my non-band member friends..

Thursday, May 14, 2009

tough couple days..

i was sitting at the computer listening to some music when a little spider in the corner caught my was trying to make a web but the fan that was blowing twards it and making the web move to much so i turned the fan off. then it got caught in its own web and after a coupld min. got it self lose and continued working on its web finally it was with out any issue and it could continue working on its web with out a problem then catie came up behind me screamed and killed it..poor little spider dint even have a chance to complete its web.. thinkin about what happend made me think about how i go through struggles and how i work through them and keep goin..

Thursday, April 16, 2009

spring break!

my spring break so far has been amazing!
monday i went to my friend savannahs and matthews property and
matt taught me how to shot a gun and ride a dirt bike 

im still suprized that i dint fall off and kill my self but it was awesome!

i really like hanging out with them there alot of funn!
tuesday i went to my aunt sandys and brang my best friend ashley with me it was funn we were going to go swimming but it was wayyy too cold! 
after hangiing out with my aunt sandy she drove us over to barbras house and we saw her horses! 

after that we went home for a little while and cleaned up then headed over to the church for young womens
there we learned things about doing laundrey!
wensday i went shopping with ash and got some really cute shoes and a t-shirt!! 

today is thursday i think it will be just a lazy day well after i finish the long list of chorus my mother made up for me to do :/ i love my mom but i hate chorus!!!!