Monday, October 4, 2010

its been awhile..

wow.. its definetly been awhile sense ive post something..

I'm no longer a sophomore.. and my hair is definitely a different color

i guess i stopped posting because a lot of things in my life were going wrong.. lots of family deaths.. my grades weren't good and i had to find new friends.. because the ones i had before weren't exactly the right crowd i needed to be hanging out with..
being a junior now.. i will definitely try harder to write in my blog..
but sense i'm already talking about my junior year..
id like to add that i'm hanging out in a better crowd..and at the moment i have straight As.. that has never happened to me.. this year ill be driving in my first hill climb.. getting my license and figuring out what i want to do in my life.. maybe even move states..

well see..

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