Friday, November 26, 2010

Grandpas house

since i was little my Grandpa Gibsons back yard has been the same.. it always had the garden.. the weird rectangular shaped trampoline and the old tree house.. well now that he has passed.. things have changed.. my grandma got a new door.. has tooken down nearly every tree.. and even the furniture has changed.. and yes i know we need to not dwell in the past.. but its hard when thats all ive ever known..

with all this going on.. it has made me think about all my memories with my grandpa..
when i was little he use to take us in the backyard and we use to pretend that the ground was lava but only grandpa could touch it.. and he would carry us from the trampoline to the tree house over and over again.. never saying he was tired or needing a break..

i also remember going to his house and watching Bye Bye Birdy and Cats. i dont know how grandpa could stand sitting there watching them over and over again in till dinner was ready.

another memory i remember is my grandpa built the whole balcony back then the steps use to be green.,. but any who when he was all done building he took my sisters and i up there and said. "girls you can do anything you put your mind to"

To be honest it is extremely hard for me to see everything change now that hes gone.. sometimes i wish it was all just a bad dream and that he would walk down the stairs wearing his red apron and white pressed shirt on a Sunday evening ready to read "i spy a Nephite" for the millionth time.

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