Sunday, November 30, 2008

Soo my cousins came to visit and they came alllll the way from reno and it was sooo much fun haveing them here. We dont get to see each other alot so when we do we do as much stuff together as possible! We went to my grandpa gibsons house and had dinner then the next day we went to BJs and it was good food just really bad servouse and took tons of pictures. The next day we went to a movie with the hole family and it was sooooo much fun. i wish we could do more stuff like that i love hanging out with my little cousins. to bad we dont all live next to each other or we could hang out even more!! i cant wait to see everyone during christmas when they all come out again!! last christmas everyone spent time together and it was just a lot of fun, we had presents and food and new years eve was sooo crazy we played games and toke pictures and it was just to much fun, i hope this year is just as good!!

Friday, November 28, 2008

Daddy leaves again

when we lived in illinois my dad had to leave all the time because he worked in chicago.. but then he desided that was to tough so he desides to get a new job and finds one in california so then he leaves again to exsplore another place we might live..when everything seemed to look well for us in california we moved. i expected that to be the end to my dad leaveing all the time.. but once again it wasnt.. today was the last time "suposively" which means that he wont leave again but no one can say for sure that it wont happen tired of him leaveing i just want him to stay home hes always gone and i just wish we could all spend more family time togather..with me and catie in band and eliza in choir were always leaveing the house but when thoughs activitys ended for the year i exspected that we would spend more time together but were not because dads always leaveing..hopefully this really is the last time ! hes gone so much my friends think my parents are devorsed.. and i know that he cant help but leave and that its really important because he puts food on the table and all that grown up stuff but its still hard and hes still gone!!

i really really REALLY hope their right when they say its the last time he leaves!

Thursday, November 27, 2008

Band Geek!!

well marching band is over and its really sad because we went to championships and it was fun but we got 9th place!!

but when we watched the video of us preforming on the way back to the hotel. that was are best preformance weve ever done. so mabe the judges dint think we did as good as everyone else or mabe there just stupid idk but all i know is at least we tryed!

i love marching band because were not just a band were a family, we do everything together and sure we fight but doesnt every family fight!! the only good part about marching band being over is we get to sit down in chairs!!

im gonna miss marching during half time our theme was ONE! it was amazing!


Today is thanksgiving..YAY!
well its my first thanksgiving back in califonia and i dont like it..i exspected to wake up to the smell of turkey but no!!! i have to go to the turkey and leave my warm house travel in the rain and then eat..oh well i get to eat and then spend time with family!!
Thanksgiving is my secound fav. holiday. its basicaly a little speed bump befor christmas..and i get TWO this year..i havent had two thanksgivings in a very very long time! last thanksgiving i kinda had two thanksgivings cuz my dad wasnt home and when he came home we had another. My fav. part of Thanksgiving is the parade on TV. i love the danceing and the music. My 2nd fav. part is the eating. i love the turkey and the squash and the mashed tatters YUM! Not eating at home and seeing the way other people prepare thanksgiving is hard. On both sides of my family really the only thing the same is my daddys roles and the turkey! i hope this year everyone relizes that thanksgiving is about giving thanks on wat we have and its not about the totaly amazing beyond delious food that people prepare!