Sunday, November 22, 2009

Lizas home for the holidays!

so i stayed at grandmas house over the weekend because catie went to frezno for band and i stayed home. so grandma and i went shopping for christmas and also had maltz and favorite treat when i come to grandmas house :) on sunday during the evening mom and dad were going to come up to grandmas with eliza.. they walked in the door and i tackled liza to the ground.. ive had a lot of friend drama this last couple weeks and usually during this time id go to liza for advise and shed help me deal with it and help me get threw it but she hasnt been home to do so..shes finally home and we can finally talk..for the next week we can hang out and do stuff like we use to.. when thanks giving ends im going to be sad but it will only be 3 weeks till i see her again :).. love ya liza :)

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