Wednesday, August 5, 2009

summer '09

summer has been interesting..
in the begining i started mini band was fun till catie fainted..
then we got a break for a little the time period i hung out with my bestfriends ashley and lauren.
then mini band camp started up again..
that just ended and im about to finish up my last few days of summer befor basicly summer is over for me because band takes up the rest..which in my opinion sucks but what ever..
in these last days..i moved houses..thank goodness though i dint move wards for church..i went to the orange county fair with family..i injoyed walking around and looking at all the cool stuff..
i also went to the beach a couple was fun :)
the only bad part of summer was today on auguest 5th 2009..grandpa pasted after a tough couple months of horrible radiation and other fancy sad :(

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