Monday, January 26, 2009


Last night Savannah,Erin and Josh came over while are parents went out. we had an eventful night of movies and pizzas. we basically vegged all night.. but it was all good. i enjoy hanging out with them cuz i dont get to see them very often sence they live in Reno! On Sunday we hung out again only with the whole family.. they leave wensday back to reno.. but in till then were still gonna party like rock stars.. and pluss me and savannah have to finish are game of miss marry mack!!

yup :]

Monday, January 19, 2009

hanging out with my friends

Today i went to ashleys house for her birthday it was alot of fun we watched movies and danced all night. i enjoyed going to the park the next day. My freinds are the only people and can goof off to and be my self with out careing wat they happy about that! 

Sunday, January 18, 2009

my birthday 1/17/09

Today was my birthday. im finally 15! i had my friends ashley and lauren sleep over the night befor and it was a blast we had makeovers and listened to music and laughed alot. we finally fell asleep at 2:00am and woke up because of my puppys wanted to go out side at 5:30. we had my fav. breakfast. then it was time to get ready for the big family lunch! i had it at my fav. restaraunt MiMis Cafe. it was really yummy. my hole family was there. after that i got ready to go to down town disney with my friends. liza drove us with some of her friends it was a ton of fun. we went to lego land and this lady drew a picture of me and i almost fell in to the fountin. we also went to libby lus and my friends bought me its my birthday sash and a crown. after that we headed to burger kind cuz we were starveing! it was yummy i had a whopper!! haha and thats bout it!
i love being 15!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

my lil sister

Caties going in for surgery soon and i hope it goes well. i know we argue sometimes but shes still my little sister and i really worry about her. i would half to say she really is my bestfriend we do almost everthing together. pluss all my friends love her. i think some times im a little over protective. espacially when someones picking on her or school drama gets too hard for her. i love catie alot and if anything ever happens to her i dont know what i would do shes my only little sister i hope the surgery goes well and she can stop being in pain. when i see her in pain it makes my chest feel like its going to blow up. when they talk about the surgery she seems totaly ok with the thought of it. if i were her i would be freaking out. shes alot stronger then me. i remember when i first started learning to ride a bike with no training wheels catie wanted to learn to and when i fell down i remember crying really hard.. but when catie fell down she just got right back up on that bike and tryed again. i love catie very much!! i think she gets annoyed by me sometimes but thats ok as long as she knows i love her!!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Aunt Sandys!!

The last day of break i went to my aunt sandys it was so much fun as usual!!!
i love going to her house! this time my cousins Jordan and Dylan were there. they brought there rock star and gutar hero. i really stink at those games but it was alot of fun. Uncle Dave let us have a bon fire it was fun till the wood started poping cuz it was wet. I wish we could hang out with Jordan and Dylan more often we barely ever get to see them. This visit was even more fun because my cousin Olivia got to go. shes so funny she can make any one laugh. the night befor we went up to aunt sandys Olivia slept over and we prank called some of my friends the line we said was "Pacos tacos whats your beef?" hahahaha the reaction was so funny. i love hanging out with Olivia! we toke tons of pictures and had tons of laughs. A funny part about this trip is Olivia brang the House Bunny its a really gurly funny movie.Jordan and Dylan also watched it with us and they too liked it hahahaha i cant wait to go back to hang out with everyone again!! I love my family because there more fun then my friends sometimes!




I went to my grandmas house for New years. it was a ton of fun. We had a early new years for Kera cuz she had to go to bed early. We danced all around in till we couldnt scream any more. Then we stayed up till 11:30 watching the twilight zone they had a marathon on and it was really cool to see all the old movies and they were and franni desided we would call my friend TJ too see if he was tired.. he wasnt lol. it was finally 11:50 and we were getting ready.. we started counting down..5..4..3..2..1!!!! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! we sprung from the floor and ran to the front was locked... that didnt stop us we ran to the office was locked too..we ran to the back was LOCKED!!! who locks the door on new years!!!?!?!?!?!?!? that didnt stop the party we danced and yelled till grandma yelled at us!! i was kinda sad that new years night was over cuz it would be the last time i would have new years with Eliza befor she goes off to college..i really dont want her to leave everything will be so diffrent when shes gone..nothing will be the same..the only good part is ill get her room :( 


A day befor new years eve my church had a dance. the  cool thing about this dance is that it was at scandia. Scandia is a theme park with miniture golf rides and danceing. the cool part about this dance is we got to have a count down like it was new years it was pretty awsome. i hung out with my best friends Ashley and Lauren. it was a lot of fun. the best part was the roller coaster we went on that like 7 times. I loved danceing with my friends. Ashleys dad drove Lauren and I home. it was fun. we danced in the car to stayin alive..hahahahaha then her dad started messing around with the car and we drove up really really fast then he slamed on his breaks.. by the 5th time we all felt really sick. Lauren was first dropped off. as we started to my house brother coughrof must have forgotten i was in the car cuz he drove all the way to there house then relized i was in the back and so he had to drive me all the way back. i had a ton of funn.. the next church dance is on my birthday and im really exsighted!!!