Sunday, December 21, 2008

christmas is comeing!!

Today is the first day of winter break!!
my family has done everything for getting christmas ready. wraping presents all the way to putting christmas lights up. Today mom told Eliza and I to seperate gifts in to familys because they were all mixed up under the tree. So me and Eliza were doing that when i came accross this bag under the tree reading the tag i got all exsighted because it said my name. i just had to peek. every fiber in my body were trying to stop me froming peeking As i moved towards it to take a peek i heard a large rip. it startled me and i jumped back. my elbow leaned to hard on a gift next to me and i ripped through the pretty shiny green christmas papper that was wrapped around my older sisters gift..i hurryed and ran to mom and asked her to fix it..i have now learned never to peek at a christmas gift ever again!!!!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

today was really aful,,
it first started with this really aful bad dream i had and i couldnt get back to sleep and it was exstremly scarey!!!
then i go to seminary and sis. johanson puts me between mathew, trae,greg, and parker.
and it was akward and werid. then i got to school and im almost late. i forgot my political cartoon in language but thank goodness cameron had to!then in science we had to study for the test and im so nervouse!! after school we had concert band practise and i shared a stand with marty and my keys kept sticking! after that my friend lauren promised me a ride home and she forgot and left me there so i ran all the way home.i got home and was out of breathe toke a drink of water then tried to get me and catie a ride to young womens tonight and i finally got one from my friend ashley when liza calls and saids shes on her way to pick us up so i had to re call ashley and tell her i dint need a ride and thankgoodness she just left her house because i was worried i wouldnt of gotten a hold of her and she would of been stuck knocking on my front door and be really angry cuz i dint call her to tell her. then i got in a fight with liza over it and we finally get to church i meet up with ashley and i talk to her for a little bit. we went to the single old womens houses and sang christmas songs and gave them flowers. and i was stuck talking to no one on the way back because the girls in the car were talking about how cool it was to take a secound language and i cant take one cuz of disability and i felt exstremly left out. then we get back to the church and have hot choclate and eat cookies and they dint tell us it was hot and i burnt the whole roof of my mouth! then mom and dad come to pick us up and they make us dance to get in the car and it was really embarressing and then mom and dad get mad at me cuz they got a recorded fone call from my science teacher mr. tran saying i dint do my homework when i was one of the only kids who did. i was so mad i was almost in tears. then we get home and the stupid lawn people tipped over my daddys lawn mower and he wasnt to happy bout ya i just had a really sucky day!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Temple Lights

Today for are Tuesday young men young women combind activity we went to go see the LA temple turn its christmas lights on.It was a 2 hour drive because of the traffic but it was so worth seeing the gorgouse lights. Walking around temple grounds just made me want to get marryed in one, one day. Just knowing that if i do get marryed there ill be seiled to the one i love longer then life..Forever and Eternity. my seminary teacher sister johanson said just imagin those protesters trying to get on the sacred temple grounds,trying to jump the gate to distroy this precious thing we have. As me and Ashley (my best friend) stood there pictureing this it was just so hard and it hurt us to think that people that hevanly father had made would distroy something so important. I dont understand prop 8 and why we argue and all of this horrible stuff it just drives me crazy! I want everything to be in peace again. when i went to efy for the summer and being surounded by all thoughs people who belived the same as me and dint judge or try to hurt me it was easy to escap temptation but now comeing back from that its hard. i wish they would make like a efy school!! that would be so amazing, because we would just be around a good influence all the time and we wouldnt be distracted by the fowl language or the way others dressed. that would be so amazing!!