Thursday, March 19, 2009


i hate thursdays..we should just skip them and go straight to fridays..but i dont want friday to come cuz i have a band thing

i for got to write about youthconfrence soo i think ill write about it now

it started off a lil roof but it got better as it started to get in too it

it started off with a dance and that was alot of funn then we went to are house family to meet the people on the boys side and i knew a couple people which was nice..then we went posum hunting wich was AWESOME it was a ton of funn

then we went too sleep and woke up and got ready for the servis project..we had a carnival for special needs it was alot of funn i wrked at the sand pit were you dug for barry treasure then we went back to are house familys house and hung out with everyone then we got ready for the big dinner then we went to testimony meeting and after that had sundays..i love youth confrence its always a ton of funn! i cant wait till next year

Monday, March 2, 2009


today in science we were takeing a test on chapters 14 and 15 and it was about the ocean

and right now im not doing to hott in science 

im passing but its not the letter grade i wont

but today we took the test and i got an A!!!!!

thats a big deal for me!!! and i proved all my teachers wrong!!! i cant wait to tell my mom when she gets home shes going to be so proud of me!!!!!