Thursday, April 16, 2009

spring break!

my spring break so far has been amazing!
monday i went to my friend savannahs and matthews property and
matt taught me how to shot a gun and ride a dirt bike 

im still suprized that i dint fall off and kill my self but it was awesome!

i really like hanging out with them there alot of funn!
tuesday i went to my aunt sandys and brang my best friend ashley with me it was funn we were going to go swimming but it was wayyy too cold! 
after hangiing out with my aunt sandy she drove us over to barbras house and we saw her horses! 

after that we went home for a little while and cleaned up then headed over to the church for young womens
there we learned things about doing laundrey!
wensday i went shopping with ash and got some really cute shoes and a t-shirt!! 

today is thursday i think it will be just a lazy day well after i finish the long list of chorus my mother made up for me to do :/ i love my mom but i hate chorus!!!!